Welcome to Adelante Fraternity

Adelante is a local fraternity at Iowa State, meaning it is only at Iowa State and has been since 1907. The purpose of Adelante Fraternity shall be to provide a general home for its members, to uphold the higher and broader ideals of college life, to be always ready to aid in promoting a better college spirit, to foster the democratic ideals on which our institution is founded, and to aid its members in attaining moral, intellectual, and social excellence. The Ideals of Adelante are founded on the three basic tenets of Scholarship, Fellowship, and Leadership.

Founders Day 2014

ATTENTION ALUMNI: At the last Corp Board and Education Foundation meetings it was discussed and agreed upon to rent out a space/tent for homecoming this fall. Homecoming is on Nov. 9th, 2013 (kickoff at 11 am) against TCU with a theme of "Homecoming 101: The Tradition Continues".


Interested in joining Adelante? Want a tour? Or maybe want more information about our fraternity? You can countact our recruitment chair Tony Hughes. You can also find out the process of pledging Adelante as well as other info here